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To get perfect cutting results, Lasermak frame and components are specially machined in CNC machining centers with maximum precision. Lasermak is equipped with linear motors which is an optional specification in most cases for other brands. The axis, moving along with strong magnets mounted on the frame, provide high speed and maximum acceleration. (Y axis 3G). This high speed and acceleration laser cutting machinery provides increased efficiency and productivity while also decreasing operational costs.

Frame and bridge are assembled by expert engineers and tested with latest high-tech measuring technology in every phase of manufacturing process. This is the main reason of the perfectness in square and circular cutting. There is no need for secondary operations and Lasermak produces parts ready-to-assemble.

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Customer benefits

  • You have automation and eliminate your production errors by using Lasermak.
  • You can decrease invesment costs with 24 hours mass production.
  • Especially cutting with laser you save more by not using tools and equipments.
  • You can cut materials such as steel, nickel alloys, titanium, chrome, stainless steel, aluminum etc. with smooth surfaces and accurately.
  • Automatic nozzle cleaning and changing.
  • Durable choice for your precise cutting works.
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