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Fiber Laser

Laser light created at the resonator is transferred to the cutting head by fiber-optic cable without loss of power or quality. In this way laser light with a high beam quality appropriate for metal cutting is provided.

Engineering Machinery and Services | Gen-4 – New | Fiber Laser Cutting

Fiber lasers are the newest development in laser cutting technology offered by Engineering Machinery. The laser beam is created by an active fiber and transmitted over a transport fiber to the machine cutting head. Fiber lasers are significantly smaller than CO₂ lasers and generate twice as much power from the same amount of current. Our fiber cutting system from Ermaksan is suited for processing thin to medium-thickness metal. It also cuts non-ferrous metals (copper and brass).

Ermaksan Fiberlaser

Fibermak Momentum Gen-3 – New Generation Fiber Laser

The Fibermak, built for long-life with precision components and its rigid construction, is able to work continuously and precisely in the most severe conditions.

What is Laser?

A Laser is the abbreviation of “Light Amplification of Stimulated Emission of Radiation.“

The Foundation of the Laser depends on thephotons, which are created by electron transfers between different energy levelled particles.

Fiber laser metal cutting machines, FIBERMAK is a peerless machine in laser cutting technology with its strong design, and available to view or buy in Ireland, Northern Ireland & the UK.


Advantages of fiber laser

  • Fiber laser cutting is the fastest process for thin sheet metal.
  • The cutting process is done with higher quality compared to other options. A “clean cut” surface quality is obtained.
  • Reflective materials like aluminium, copper and brass can be cut with ease.
  • Excellent surface quality is obtained on mild steel up to 15 mm with a 2 kW resonator and up to 20 mm with 3 kW and 4 kW.
  • Part process cost is very low.
  • Little to no maintenance costs.
  • Consumable part cost is low. The only parts that need to be changed are nozzles, ceramics and lens protection glasses over long periods. There are no other consumable costs.
  • Resonator life is over 100.000 hours.
  • Drives, encoders, and rails have to be placed on precision surfaces. Even the slightest defects can cause serious damage to drives and encoders. This is why, main body of Fibermak is machined perfectly on Travelling duel Column Soraluce CNC machine towers.
  • Encoders, linear motors and rails on linear model machines and rack & pinions and rails on Servo motor machines are machined on CNC machines with micron-rated precision. This is the foundation of the high tolerance processing achieved with the Fibermak.


FIBERMAK Momentum Gen-2 is designed to cut different thicknesses and types of materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and galvanized steel.

Perfect cut quality is achieved by precise cutting parameters prepared by Ermaksan engineers. When necessary, the operator can also change the parameters.

Laser unit can be selected between 500 W to 6 kW. Selection of the laser cutting unit power, directly relates to the thickness and cutting speeds of the machine. The following table shows a list of the materials that can be cut by the FIBERMAK.

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