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//CNC Plasma Cutting | Hypertherm True Hole Plasma System
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Hypertherms patented Truehole produces a dramatic improvement in hole quality that outperforms anything previously possible with plasma. Our patent-pending True Hole cutting technology for mild steel produces significantly better hole quality than what has been previously possible using plasma. This is delivered automatically without operator intervention.

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Hypertherm Plasma Cutting in 2018 has developed in Ireland with our cnc plasma machinery

Hypertherm | Ireland | CNC True Hole Plasma technology

Revolutionary plasma performance: True Hole® cut quality

As part of Hypertherm’s Built for Business Integrated Cutting Solutions, patented True Hole® technology for mild steel produces significantly better hole quality than what has been previously possible using plasma. Equally important, CNC True Hole Plasma technology is delivered automatically without operator intervention, to produce unmatched hole quality.


XPR300 plasma cutting system

The new XPR300® represents the most significant advance in mechanized plasma cutting technology, ever. This next generation system redefines what plasma can do by expanding its capabilities and opportunities in ways never before possible. With unmatched X-Definition™ cut quality on mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum, the new XPR300 increases cut speed, dramatically improves productivity and slashes operating costs by over 50%. New ease-of-use features and engineered system optimization make the XPR300 easier to run with minimal operator intervention, while also ensuring optimal performance and unmatched reliability

Hypertherm Surecut

Hypertherm Truehole | Benefits


  • Bolt hole quality is delivered automatically without operator intervention
  • Narrows the gap with laser hole quality making the plasma process suitable for many jobs previously cut with laser
  • Virtual elimination of hole taper
  • Ding is reduced and biased to the outside of the hole
  • Delivers true “bolt-hole” quality
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True Hole performance is optimized through seamless integration of all of the components.

Revolutionary plasma performance: CNC True Hole Plasma cut quality, As part of Hypertherm’s Built for Business Integrated Cutting Solutions, True Hole technology for mild steel is exclusively available for use in conjunction with Hypertherm’s HPRXD auto gas plasma systems. True Hole is automatically applied by the nesting software or CNC software to holes up to 25 mm (1 inch) diameter and hole diameter to thickness ratios from 2.5 to as low as 1:1.

True Hole technology is a specific combination of the following parameters that is linked to a given amperage, material type, material thickness and hole size:

  • Process gas type
  • Gas flow
  • Amperage
  • Piercing methodology
  • Lead in/out technique
  • Cut speed
  • Reduced timing to optimize hole features

* True Hole technology requires a HyPerformance® Plasma HPRXD® auto gas system along with a True Hole enabled cutting machine. Engineering Machinery and Services offer Ermaksan EPL series for over 25 yrs ( A hypertherm accredited full suite Surecut System )

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Engineering Machinery introduce Hypertherms recently launched plasma system – the XPR300, which is the first of the new class of mechanised plasma systems and now represents Hypertherm’s/Engineering machinery’s most significant advance in mechanised plasma cutting technology together till today.

We now feature Hypertherm’s new X-Definition technology (the XPR300 ) which brings much more efficiency and significant advantages to the cutting process to not only mild steel cutting, but also to stainless steel and aluminium.

Our result’s are  No.1 faster cuts No.2  advanced cut quality No.3 increased power efficiencies with longer consumable life, squarer cut edges, markedly less angularity and an excellent surface finish on non-ferrous metals like aluminum and stainless steel.

Phil –  Product Marketing Manager for Hypertherm XPR Plasma said the following at the launch : “The arrival of X-Definition plasma and our new XPR300 is a huge step forward in the capabilities of plasma technology…The combination of faster cut speeds, unparalleled cut quality, intuitive features and automatic system monitoring make it our most advanced and productive plasma yet.”

View a machine local to you on the Ermaksan EPL CNC Plasma | We have installed some of the machines already


Hypertherm | XPR300 | Key Benefits to the customer


Superior Performance
  • Industry leading cut quality for stainless and aluminum
  • Mild steel cut quality is exceptional over longer duration than the competition
  • 15% increase in cut speeds
Efficiency and Ease of Use
  • Increased efficiency and easier to use over other plasma systems
  • Reduced console connections, EtherCAT connectivity, easy connect fitting and mobile device connectivity
Innovation and Convenience
  • Remote system monitoring from any device no matter where you are
Reliability and Reduced Costs
  • Ramp down error protection and automatic torch protection­ deliver optimal consumable life and prevent catastrophic torch failure
  • Greatly extended consumable life and torch protection­ reduces operating costs and downtime
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