Swifty | Portable CNC Plasma | Compact affordable Plasma

//Swifty | Portable CNC Plasma | Compact affordable Plasma
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New swifty CNC Plasma.

Portable | CNC Plasma Cutting System | Hypertherm Plasma

Swifty is a compact new plasma CNC machine, making precision metal cutting more accessible and affordable for artists, educators and smaller workshops.

Swifty offers plenty of ways to pay for itself. Manufacture your own parts, craft bespoke signage or create works of art in your garage – it’s all possible with this powerful bench-top cutter and our easy-to-use software!

You’ll also gain access to the exclusive owner’s area of our website, full of how-to videos and useful resources to help you get the best from your Swifty.

CNC Plasma Swifty , portable machine

About Swifty

Swifty is the latest and most compact CNC plasma cutting table in the Swift-Cut Automation range.

We took the cutting-edge features of our larger machines and scaled them down into a portable, affordable package, making metal cutting technology more accessible to individuals and smaller workshops.

Swifty’s potential uses include:

  • Manufacturing your own metal parts, saving the cost of buying them

  • Recreating discontinued or hard-to-find parts, particularly useful when working on classic vehicles

  • Cutting out lettering and/or shapes to produce metal signage

  • Crafting metal sculptures or artwork – with big potential for profit

  • Teaching students to use CNC machinery and software

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