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Contact us – Engineering Machinery and services is the leading supplier of machine tools and accessories to manufacturing industries throughout Northern and Southern Ireland to contact us for more info. A  privately owned company with a national network of service engineers who’s duties include installation, commissioning, training, preventative maintenance, repairs and service contracts.

5 KEY REASONS TO Contact us at EMS

Contact us 1 – Comprehensive Range
Our comprehensive range of new sheet metal, fabrication, sawing and engineering machines includes over 800 models, as well as selected refurbished machines.  Should you require a single machine or an entire workshop, we are uniquely placed to respond rapidly to your needs. You can avoid the inconvenience and associated cost of multiple sourcing and ensure value by negotiating a package deal.

Contact us 2 – Industry Knowledge

With a company history dating back to the 1800’s, we have an in depth understanding of many of the requirements you are faced with. With the knowledge we have gained we are able to quickly take an enquiry from concept to solution and proactively offer advice to optimise your process. Our experience ensures that you avoid an inappropriate solution to your needs as a consequence of poor advice.

Contact us 3 – Technical Solutions
With a team that benefits from over 100 years combined experience, we have the necessary product knowledge to recommend an appropriate solution to your application. As technology evolves, so will your requirements; we offer forward looking solutions that ensure your productivity and competitiveness in a future market. Buying into old technology or purchasing a wrongly specified machine can lead to additional outsourcing costs or disrupt later processes in your production.

Contact us 4 – Brand Confidence
Our unique portfolio of more than 30 trusted brands, combined with our commitment to service and continuous improvement, will inspire confidence in our recommended solution. We believe in supplying innovative products which exceed your expectations, enhance your workshop and result in a long lasting relationship. Experimenting with unproven brands frequently result in loss of profitability, poor return on your investment and ultimately the inability to deliver.

Contact us 5 – Live Demonstrations
We have around 300 machines in stock available for live demonstrations and can work with your drawings and material to replicate your exact process in view of proving feasibility. You can visualise your future process and be confident that it will perform successfully to your needs. When making a significant capital purchase, we believe that live demonstrations are key to eliminating doubt, removing the fear of the unknown and preventing incorrect product selection.


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