The Raptor uses special optical fiber as the active medium, the thickness of only a few micrometres producing a beam of high performance, optimal quality.

Advantages FIBER laser machine – Raptor:

  • Fiber is the fastest laser cutting process thin sheet.
  • By cutting laser results in a higher quality cut edge compared to other options.
  • It obtained a smooth cut without burrs or rough.
  • Reflective materials such as aluminum, copper or brass can be cut easily.
  • It obtained an excellent surface quality on carbon steel sheets.
  • The cost of making parts is very low
  • Maintenance costs are reduced.
  • Cost of consumables is reduced. The only parts that must be replaced at intervals of time, are nozzles, ceramic and glass lens protection. No further costs of consumables.
  • Lifetime resonator is over 100,000 hours.

Fiberlaer Ireland Engmach

FiberLaser & resonator technology IPG:

  • Laser beam parameters lift
  • stable beam
  • Small beam with large working distance
  • easy maintenance
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Diode lifetime> 100,000 h

Servo Drive Technology

   1. Fibermak has 4 servo motors for all axial displacements, equipped with automatic lubrication.

  2. The Raptor has Beckhoff CNC control with integrated inputs and outputs.

  3. The software uses CAD / CAM Lantek Expert Cut through its postprocessor.

The user interface is made exclusively for laser cutting machines. All relevant information is represented clearly and in logical order workflow. The efficient operation of the machine takes place intuitive and does not require a long learning period for the operator.

Ermaksan Ireland Laser

The Raptor has Fibermak cutting head Precitec Procutter.

Standard equipment includes filtration unit and air dryer.

Loading / unloading quick and easy meals can be provided using palette that allows preparation of a new sheet metal during the cutting process. This is an optional accessory.


  • Light curtains EC regulations cf.
  • Extraction equipment
  • Table palette
  • UPS