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Northern Ireland for sale metal work machinery

Engineering-Machinery supply quality industrial metal shearing guillotines all over the island of Ireland . Our guillotine’s are used by a wide variety of metal fabrication industries.Among the available options you will find sheet supports, pneumatic hold down beam, safety guards, adjustable squaring arm and table extension.  

All our industrial metal shearing guillotines machines have low maintenance and operational costs and they are environmentally friendly and flexible to use in production.each new machine comes with warranty and installation as standard.For over 25yrs now we have supplied the best in European machinery manufactured by the world renowned Ermaksan brand.

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CNC HVR- Variable Rake


Blade gap, cutting angle and cutting length are all adjusted based on material selection and thickness automatically.By choosing the new and improved CNC HVR, you will bring modern-day technology to your company with maximum safety, high accuracy and unique ease of use.

HGD - Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear


ERMAKSAN, HGD Series shears are designed superiorly for sheets 6-20 mm with high quality material and workmanship and produced to be used for many years in heavy duty conditions without problems.Strong monoblock steel weld construction frame retains its rigidity even when working to maximum capacity, thus provides a good quality and clean cut.

HGS - Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear


HGS is a perfect choice with its modern design, durable heavy body and precise cutting quality.Long lasting and durable upper beam plays a major role in cutting. Fast and precise blade gap adjustment system is placed on the right side of the machine.

GMR - Mechanical Shear


The static and dynamic stiffness of the body and strong welded construction designed to withstand harsh operating conditions. Especially for thin sheet metarials work very efficiently at high speeds and the best scissor in its class

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