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//Plasma Torches | Manual Plasma | Plasma Parts in Ireland, UK
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Plasma Torches – Powermax plasma systems

System Torch upgrade



MAX43Duramax HRT handheld retrofit torches

Duramax MRT machine retrofit plasma torches

Powermax1650Duramax HRT handheld retrofit torches
Duramax MRT machine retrofit torchesPowermax1100RT80 retrofit torch

HyPerformance plasma torches

System Torch upgrade
HD3070 HyPerformance retrofit torch kit

LongLife air and oxygen plasma

System Torch upgrade
HyPro2000 retrofit torch for MAX200
HyPro2000 retrofit torch for HT2000

Hypertherm is dedicated to providing the latest in technology advancements for plasma systems old and new. Learn more about the technologies Hypertherm offers and the benefits they provide.

Hypertherm is dedicated to providing the latest in technology advancements for plasma systems old and new. Learn more about the technologies Hypertherm offers and the benefits they provide.

  • Advanced axial swirl ring allows the long vented nozzle with exposed vent holes and swirl ring to align near the tip of the electrode, ensuring the correct amount of gas flow and optimal consumable life.
  • chambered swirl ringChambered swirl ringgradually reduces gas pressure at the end of the cut to stabilize the hafnium insert prior to arc termination; this extends nozzle and electrode life.
  • Coaxial-assist™ jet increases cutting speed and cut quality by extending the tip of the nozzle into the exit of the shield.
  • Conical Flow™ nozzle technology increases arc energy density for superior cut quality with little dross.
  • CoolCore® allows for improved cooling of the electrode through effective removal of heat from the hafnium.
  • CoolFlow™ delivers enhanced cooling of the nozzle through key features such as a deep groove, angled o-ring seal and specific shoulder contact for increased nozzle life and cut quality.
  • CopperPlus electrodeCopperPlus™ electrode is designed for use on all Duramax torches and delivers at least 2 times longer consumable life over standard consumables* when cutting metal 12 mm (1/2 inch) and under.
  • Dimpled electrode extends electrode back life by preventing material from blowing on the nozzle when first ignited.
  • FineCut® consumables deliver significantly improved cut quality on thin-plate metals by providing a narrower kerf with virtually no heat‑affected zone .
  • Gouging consumables for plasma systems provide a more efficient process than grinding and produces less noise and fumes than carbon arc gouging. Controlled arc and fast metal removal rates reduce metal warping.
  • HDi® technology delivers HyDefinition® quality to thin stainless steel cutting from 3 mm (12 ga.) to 6 mm (1/4″).
  • HyAccess™ consumables give you the ability to cut in hard to reach places.
  • HyLife® extends electrode life and lowers operating costs.
  • HySpeed® technology utilizes Coaxial-assist jet technology to boost cutting speeds as much as 50% over conventional designs.
  • LongLife® ramps current and gas flow up and down in a tightly controlled manner to reduce electrode and nozzle erosion.
  • PowerPierce® liquid cooled shield technology repels molten metal during piercing. Enables robust production pierce capability up to 50 mm (2″) mild steel and 75 mm (3″) stainless steel and aluminum. Delivers speed and thinkness capabilities.
    HPR400XD with PowerPierce Technology - 300 pierces at 50 mm (2") Competitor A consumables - 41 pierces at 45 mm - without PowerPierce technology

300 pierces at 50 mm (2″)
HPR400XD with
PowerPierce technology41 pierces at 45 mm (1.75″)
Competitor A without PowerPierce technology

  • Quick-disconnect torch allows for ease of mounting and changing of the torch.
  • SilverPlus® silver front end tip which dramatically extends electrode life, reduces the number of change outs and significantly reduces operating cost.
  • SpringStart™ electrode technology ensures consistent, reliable starting by eliminating moving parts in the torch.
  • Tool free allows consumables to be easily changed out.
  • TrueFlow™ allows for centered electrode alignment with the water tube to ensure optimal cooling, which increases life and produces a higher and consistent cut quality.
  • Vented shield™ is electrically isolated to prevent double arcing, the vent holes around the orifice stabilize the arc, cool the consumables, and protect them from spatter. These features improve piercing capabilities and increase consumable life.