New EKM Series Ironworker

EKM series IronWorker is renewed as a result of Ermaksan engineering studies while it is designed with 3D CAD software and manufactured with accurate CNC  machinery.

EKM series contain stations for punching, profile cutting, square and round bar profile cutting, flat sheet cutting and corner notching. Each work station provides accuracy and ease of use while ensuring safety with special covers.

EKM series will be your best choice to fulfill your expectations for price, efficiency and quality rates.

Efficient cut, economic solution;

EKM series IronWorker is contributing your business in economic powers while increasing your production efficiency with its unique cutting technology.

  • Perfect choice for your precise cutting works
  • Durable rigid structure even under harsh conditions
  • Easy installation without lay-out problems
  • User-friendly

Discrete cutting solutions;

You can execute profile, bar, flat sheet cuts, corner notches and punches without any need of skilled workman.

  • State of the art rigid body, that is designed with Solidworks software in 3D, satisfied in static and dynamic stiffness, produced from mono-block st44-1 quality of steel and relieved from welding tension.
  • Durable, hardened and grinded tools are renowned with quality and reliability and able to conduct accurate cuts.
  • World famous compact HOERBIGER hydraulic system, which has high credibility and is compatible with CE standards.
  • SIEMENS electrical system.