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Small Systems | Micro Bend

Small pressbrake for sale Northern Ireland 

Buy a pressbrake in ireland from Engineering machinery and Services

Heavy Duty | Tandem Systems

Pressbrake for sale in Northern Ireland 

Used Pressbrake for sale uk | Engineering machinery Pressbrakes for sale cheap

Speed Bend | Pressbrake

Used pressbrake for sale , metal bending machinery for sale in northern ireland

Power Pro | Falcon Pro

Engineering machinery offer Ermaskan Pressbrakes the No,1 Machinery on the market for nearly 30years , buy a pressbrake in Northern Ireland
Ermaksan Machinery Northern ireland
Engineering-Machinery-and-services-northern-ireland , Metalmagicians

Engineering Machinery & Services | Ermaksan Machinery  specialise in the supply and sale of new Press Brakes, Folding Machines, Sheet Metal Guillotines and Tooling.

Our customers know we deliver the latest in cutting edge controllers and Pressbrake technology so they can improve lead times in their own in house production.

Ermaksan comprehensive range of press brake machines gives you the customers maximum flexibility and cost-effective productivity.

With an extensive variety of tonnages and beam lengths, there is a variant to suit each customers requirement.

Ease of operation, innovative tooling solutions and intuitive software options ensure your continued success into the future.

Pressbrakes for sale in Ireland | Ermaksan

Engineering Machinery specialise in the supply and sale of new Ermaksan Press Brakes and Fabrication Folding Machines . If you are looking for speed, versatility and high efficiency, so Speed-Bend press brakes series is the right choice with Engineering Machinery’s range of Ermaksan machines .

Our Pressbrake machinery range offer the most up to date software on our controllers from Delem and Cybelec exhibiting bend simulation to the operator prior to the profile being folded. This constant innovation plays an important role in Ermaksan’s press brake production process. We use the most sophisticated equipment and systems in a streamlined process with strict quality control – contact the office today to arrange a viewing.

Ermaksan Northern ireland machinery Pressbrake

Engineering Machinery and services offer the most complete range of Press brake machinery available from Ermaksan.

As Ermaksan’s oldest agent in Europe for over 25 years , you can be assured the right press brake is within reach. That’s because we have the widest selection of press brakes —ranging from 40- to 2,000-ton capacity.

Impressive bending solutions
Equipment/options can be tailored to individual request. Thus, the best productivity for each client is achieved while bending.


✔New Tandem Installation | Eng Mach & Services

Advanced technologies with our range of Pressbrake machinery offer accessible alternatives to metal folding and deliver safe, high speed and efficient machine control, with greater functionality and usability, highly advanced optical protection and exceptional performance | Engineering Machinery & Services is the leading supplier to the market of high end Pressbrake machines for these very reasons

Press brakes or we also referred to as a brake press, is a machine tool which is used for bending sheet or plate material, but most commonly sheet metal materials. It structures predetermined bends by clamping the material between a matching punch and die ( Top and bottom tooling )

To find out more about the full range of Press Brake Machines & Parts offered by Engineering Machinery & Services, contact us at sales@engineering-machinery or check out our other categories of Pressbrakes available on our site.

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